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Top ten predictions for The Walking Dead season 4 part two.


Part two of this season airs in February and holds a particular significance in that it will show all living characters departure from the prison; where the gang has lived in (relative) security for a year and a half. The group is fragmented into at least 3 sub groups following the Governors invasion and must quickly readapt to the barbarous and desperate ways of outside. Here are my top ten predictions on the final 8 episodes in this season.

10. Morgan comes back (again)

Now the groups will be much more mobile and fragmented, thus covering a lot of area collectively in the remaining episodes. we saw Morgans fortifications in season 3, it is painstakingly obvious that he is not going to die anytime soon. He is the only character we know of who is capable and possibly willing to offer refuge to any prison refugees in need, so im sure his return is an inevitability.

9. Carl sheds the final remnants of his childhood and becomes an adult.

Carl grew up so fast! hes already an adult in so many ways, and the recently broken voice has eased the transition for viewers. now with his dad severely beaten and shot he will have to care and provide for Rick until Rick makes his (presumably incomplete) recovery. that means hunting, killing, driving etc.

8. Carl gets some overdue character development.

Kind of leading on from the last one, Carl has been through alot for a child. And as one of the only children in the world tough and resourceful enough to survive 2 years of a zombie pandemic, he has the unique and rather depressing perspective of having difficulty remembering before the apocalypse. He has been shot, had his father ‘killed’, had his father figure (shane) killed, watched his mum die in childbirth, shot zombie Shane and Lori, and lost his younger sister and countless friends just to name the first that came to my head. And yet we’ve never heard Carl speak earnestly about any of this, or been given much of an indication on how this affects him.

7. Tyreese and Michonne

fuck. They are pretty much the only two non taken adults left. Michonne hasnt been involved with anyone to our knowledge, so I figure its going to be her and Tyreese. If I had to guess again Id say maybe Daryl and Michonne, but definately one of the two.

6. there will be two different groups of reconnected prison survivors

But it wont reform completely. that would be to convenient, and a group that large wouldnt fare well outside the prison walls anyhow. Daryl leads one, Rick the other. if the two groups do merge I think there could be a jostle for power.

5. Carol comes back

For my justification, just look at my one for Morgan its a similar thing. Covering lots of ground, and she would take them in.

4. Judith lives

I dont know how, and shes more of a burden than an interesting character but I feel like they would have shown the body if she was truly dead.

3. Beth dies

Even with Daryl, I dont think she has what it takes to survive rambo style. Either she will get bitten, or shoot herself.

2. there will be a new villain introduced.

Someone to fill the void left by the Governor, which zombies alone cannot. Some sought of camp like Woodbury will cross swords with one of the prison group.

1. Tyreese dies

I know this goes against what goes in the comic, but Tyreese (I think) cannot continue to live if and when he finds out who killed his wife back in the prison. If Carol is to rejoin (I suspect so) he either has to die in combat, or kill her; they cannot coexist. I think the writers would recognise he deserves a noble death in battle (like T-dog), not lynched after murdering a domestic abuse survivor.


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